Is beroundup free to use?
Yes of course, you can create free unpaid events without any fees what-so-ever.
How about if I sell tickets for a price?
Only for paid events when you charge a price for your tickets we have a small fee to be able to use the service we provide.
Where can I use beroundup?
You can use our tool anywhere. From the comfort of your own home in Monterey, Ca or Tokyo, Japan. It’s virtual and international.
Does beroundup comply with the GDPR (General Protection Data Regulation)?
Of course, we respect everyone’s data privacy just as how we would want our own personal data protected.
What do you do with the data stored on beroundup?
We only use the data for internal use to help us help you and other users have a better tool and experience. We do not and nor plan to sell your data for marketing purposes -- if ever by chance we do, you will hear it first from us.
Is this considered as another Social Media platform?
We don’t believe in competing with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We do feel that we are a complementary tool with them, that’s why we have a link that’s shareable and could be integrated in those social media sites.
How do you set the rules and regulations on each meet?
Every car gathering is different and you make all of your rules. Please make sure that everyone is protected via your liabilities.
What other features do you plan on adding?
It is based on user feedback and what makes sense to us as a business. Our business model is user centered design thinking -- focusing on YOU on how the tool can be improved.

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