Our concept works similarly to the likes of Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, or Stubhub where a person can purchase a ticket to participate, but in our case with a car. We have a powerful and modern Event Host management tool that provides options on how to organize participants. Say goodbye to Excel and paper documents.

For Event Hosts

Create your event just like many familiar tools out there — Free or Paid. You can use the page as the primary landing page for your event or you can copy the link and post it on any social media and websites in order to promote and attract participants to your event. It’s a very shareable simple link.

Once you’ve got participants applying, you can evaluate their story and their car. You can decide if they fit your criteria. You can request for more information. When you’re ready to make a decision, you can approve or kindly deny them a spot.

On the day of the event, you and your crew can check-in participants with a simple push of a button. You can also provide swags such as shirts and mark them as redeemed.

Chat is also a huge component. It allows for you to be able to message you participants about anything that you need. In addition, every event you create, there is a thread area so that you can provide updates about your event.

Fraud authentication is to protect you and your participants. Since payment is involved, we take this matter very seriously. We all want events created by real humans, not robots. There’s a verification step process when creating your first event. Don’t worry it’s only a one-time thing and you can forget about it once you’ve been successfully verified. All for the sake of peace of mind.

Analytics. Soon to come. The more you use beroundup, the more powerful and useful it’ll become for you. You’ll be able to view your data using diagrams and trend charts to make proper decisions and adjustments for your future events and more.

For Participants

As a first time user, you can fill up your garage with your cars. Each time you get a new one or make a change in your rotation, you can easily update your garage. This allows for you to apply for events without having to upload the same information over and over again.

Makes applying a breeze once you’ve been invited to a special event. This will save you time and quickly apply for popular events that would typically sell out quickly.

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